Recent Activity Examples

Some recent Azure activities include the following:

September, 2017: Azure had fun doing a poster contest at the Double Adobe School. The poster topic was Energy – Past, Present and Future. There were 38 participants, and judges from Azure and Cochise College picked the best of the participants. As there are no winners or losers in the poster contest, the students gained knowledge and the prize was a pizza party for all. As this is a Title 1 school, Azure donated supplies to the teachers for one student.

April 18, 2018: Azure had the fun and pleasure to host a solar car race at Cochise College for Earth Day with one catch – the students had to make the cars perform using mirrors when the cars ran into shade. Each group had 2 – 3 judges and scorekeepers and the rest had to yell go for the race to begin. There were 250 fun kids that day.

February, 2019: More than 500 folks attended the Benson Primary School STEAM Night in Benson, AZ. While the star of the show was the AZ Science Center mobile (inflatable) planetarium, we entertained students and their parents with our Ticket to Ride the Renewable Energy Express graphic scavenger hunt and our circuit board activities.

May, 2019: On the 10th we gave our Garbage presentation to the 3rd graders at Sunnyslope Elementary School. The students were told that at the end of the presentation, when they were asked what they thought of it, they could shout out “GARBAGE” – and they did! The event was rounded off with a class visit to the Northgate Material Recovery Facility (MRF), one of the City of Phoenix’s recycling stations. Here the students saw the contents of the blue-bin-garbage trucks tipped and sorted into truly recyclable stuff – it’s amazing what some folks put in their blue bins.

May, 2019:  Over 100 third graders at the Kingman Academy of Learning participated in a “Renewable Energy” poster contest. Kingman Mayor, Jen Miles, and Unisource Director, Lynne Petersen, assisted with the judging and the awards ceremony.  All the students won a pizza lunch and all four of the third grade teachers won a back-pack full of school and classroom supplies – all courtesy of Unisource Energy Services, the local power company. The posters were displayed all around the school gymnasium and all of the other classes took turns to walk through the gym and view the third graders work – which was awesome. They did a fantastic job!
Five posters were selected as being the best, based on the scoring rubric we developed, and received an honorary smiley face rosette.

May, 2019: Unisource Energy Services (UNSE) once again sponsored the Havasu Preparatory Academy, third grade, STEAM Poster Contest for us. The poster topic was “Why and how does energy help us?” – a difficult topic but the kids came through with a series of wonderful posters. Mayor Sheehy and Vice Mayor Lane took time out of their busy schedules to help with the judging and took the time to talk to the students before the pizza-for-everyone lunch. Mrs Gates and Mrs Grogan, the third grade teachers, both received back packs full of classroom supplies – all courtesy of UNSE.


Azure is actively seeking sponsors to assist in the costs of providing the poster contests and the teacher workshops.